Lily Packham Girls Hostel



Each Girl in our Hostel is funded by an individual sponsor of £20 each month which covers their food, clothing, schooling, accommodation and any medical treatment which they may need.

The Girl’s Hostel is currently a rented building in the middle of their Village. We have almost raised enough money to build a NEW Hostel for Our Girls and we are hoping that it will be ready for early 2015. This building will be able to accommodate so many more young local Girls who need help and support to live the life they deserve and still live near to their families. If you would like to make a donation, please use our PayPal link for more details on how to donate.

We try to fundraise as much as we can through Car Boot Sales and through the Church or Festiva Choir…

We also raise money from local Cake Sales, especially at Christmas, Easter and even the Queen’s Jubilee…

The most recent is Thomas Smith who walked 39 miles and raised £130 for the Hostel!


One thought on “Funding

  1. The next car boot sale will possibly be March 2015 (if La Mare de Carteret School is available)


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